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It is easy to activate McAfee. Follow the steps below to quickly redeem your product key and download your security app(McAfee Total Protection).

mcafee product-key
enter mcafee activate key McAfee Product Key Activate

Step 1 Click on to redeem your product key.
Step 2 Enter the unique McAfee product key found on your Retail Card or Box.
Step 3 Follow our onscreen steps to activate your McAfee Antivirus.

What is McAfee Product Key Activate

McAfee Product Key is a 25 Digit Code used to activate mcafee antivirus online using “” official site. 

McAfee 25 Digit Product Key found inside your box packaging of McAfee under user manual guide.

If you had purchased online then it will be at your McAfee retail card or ecard.

You Just Redeem your McAfee Product Key to activate.

The first step is to setup the  McAfee antivirus software and to activate your  McAfee antivirus software. Then open the  McAfee antivirus software, the preinstalled version of the software on the pc or laptop. Then the user of the  McAfee Activate antivirus software can access their account then the users can view the subscription. NOw open the  McAfee antivirus software and click the settings icon at the top right of the screen page. Now under the information section click my account icon on the screen. Now the user will be redirected to the  McAfee antivirus software website page Now the user of the  McAfee antivirus software will be in the website page of the  McAfee antivirus software. in the  McAfee antivirus software website then the user should enter their email address and proceed to next by clicking the ‘next’ tab. If the user of the  McAfee antivirus software is new then the user should create an account to proceed. If the user of the  McAfee antivirus software already has an account then they can log in into their account. 

The user who doesn’t have an account then has the password to be strong to secure your account. To create your password strong it should have uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols. Then users can log in into the  McAfee antivirus software, now the users have completed their activation process for the  McAfee antivirus software. Then the next process of the users is to verify their subscription of the  Activate McAfee antivirus software. When the activation process is completed. Then the users can use the new account to activate the subscription. The user should click the right click on the notification area of the antivirus software at the bottom of the windows desktop. Now the users should click on the verify subscription notification. The users should wait for a while until the process of the subscription completes. The  McAfee antivirus software subscription information will be synced and up to date. 

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus Using Product Key?​

The underlying advance is to setup McAfee antivirus using using product key and to start your McAfee antivirus programming. By then open the McAfee antivirus programming, the preinstalled type of the item on the pc or PC. By then the customer of the McAfee antivirus program can get to their record then the customers can see the participation. As of now open the McAfee antivirus and snap the settings image at the upper right of the screen page. As of now under the information section click my record image on the screen. By and by the customer will be redirected to the McAfee antivirus site page. As of now the customer of the McAfee antivirus will be in the site page of the McAfee antivirus webstore. In the McAfee Activate antivirus site then the customer should enter their email conveyance and proceed to next by tapping the ‘accompanying’ tab.

The Mcafee Activation process ( consists of the below steps to complete the activation process. The initial step is to set up the McAfee antivirus programming and to initiate your McAfee antivirus programming. At that point open the McAfee antivirus programming, the preinstalled form of the product on the pc or PC. At that point the client of the McAfee antivirus programming can get to their record then the clients can see the membership. Presently open the McAfee antivirus and snap the settings symbol at the upper right of the screen page. Presently under the data segment click my record symbol in the screen. Presently the client will be diverted to the McAfee antivirus programming site page. Presently the client of the McAfee antivirus activate will be in the site page of the McAfee antivirus programming. in the McAfee antivirus programming site then the client ought to enter their email delivery and continue to next by tapping the ‘following’ tab. On the off chance that the client of the McAfee antivirus programming is new, at that point, the client ought to make a record to continue. On the off chance that the client of the McAfee antivirus programming as of now has a record, at that point they can log in into their record. The client who doesn’t have a record at that point has the secret key be solid to make sure about your record. To make your secret phrase solid it ought to have capitalized, lowercase, numbers and images. At that point clients can log in into the antivirus, presently the clients have finished their actuation cycle for the McAfee antivirus. At that point, the following cycle of the clients is to check their membership of the McAfee activate antivirus. At the point when the initiation cycle is finished. At that point, the clients can utilize the new record to actuate the membership. The client should tap the correct snap on the notice region of the McAfee antivirus programming at the lower part of the windows work area. Presently the clients should tap on the confirm membership warning. The clients should sit tight for some time until the cycle of the membership finishes. The McAfee antivirus membership data will be matched up constantly to date.

If the customer of the McAfee antivirus writing computer programs is new, by then the customer should make a record to proceed. If the customer of the McAfee antivirus programming as of now has a record, by then they can log in into their record. The customer who doesn’t have a record by then has the mystery key be strong to ensure about your record. To make your mystery expression strong it should have promoted, lowercase, numbers and pictures. By then customers can sign in into the, and by then the customers have completed their activation cycle for the McAfee antivirus programming. By then the accompanying pattern of the customers is to check their participation in the activate my mcafee product key. Exactly when the inception cycle is done. By then, the customers can use the new record to activate the enrollment. The customer should tap the right snap on the notification locale of the McAfee antivirus programming at the lower a piece of the windows work region. By and by the customers should tap on the affirm participation cautioning. Then the users can activate and use the Mcafee antivirus using the product key.

What is McAfee Total Protection Security?

McAfee is an American company, Introduced in 1987, 33 years ago. Recently in 2014, the McAfee company was purchased by intel. The headquarters of McAfee is located in Santa Clara, California. The aforementioned company produces security software & provides computer services. The usual revenue of the company is about US$2.6 billion. Having said that, the official website of the company is Cybercrime has heightened nowadays. To protect your personal details & networks McAfee has introduced a new McAfee antivirus. 

activate mcafee setup

How to Activate the McAfee Antivirus for Android?

Follow the step by step instructions carefully to install & Activate McAfee antivirus.

Step-1 Activate your McAfee following the above-given instructions.

Step-2 Fill your activation code.

Step-3 Enter your email address.

Step-4 Choose your password ( password must content lower as well as upper case letter, number & special character as well.).

Step-4 Re-write & confirm your password.

Step-5 Click the check-box option to agree on all the terms & conditions. And then, press the install button.

Step-6 Click the agree button on the McAfee Activate license agreement. Which will provide you the license for this software.

Step-7 Press the download button to download McAfee antivirus & save.

Step-8 Click yes to the link that appears & let it complete the process of app checking, devise checking, software checking. 

Done, your McAfee antivirus is installed Now Download & Activate McAfee. 

How to Activate the McAfee Live Safe?

Visit the home page of McAfee –>> Click on my account button >> Login to your account by adding your email address and password >>Click the download button under “ protect all your devices”. >> Press the Agree button to agree to all the terms & conditions >> Download McAfee live safe.

How to Activate McAfee on macOS (MAC)?

  • First of all Login to McAfee – with your email and password.
  • Choose the mac products option carefully from the home page.
  • Click the download button to download McAfee antivirus on your gadget.
  • Tick mark all the check-box to agree on the terms & conditions.
  • The serial number would appear, select it & copy or write it down. 
  • Complete the download process.
  • Furthermore, double click the mcaee.dmg file. 
  • Then, Press the install key, agree to all the terms & conditions by clicking all the check-boxes. 
  • Then, press the open key & write your login password. 
  • Enter the McAfee Product Key serial number you have copied or write it down>> Click the next button >> wait for the completion of the mcafee activation. 
  • Meanwhile, check your system extension block message.
  • If McAfee is blocked, click the lock button & enter the login password. 
  • Select the network of your preference – home or public. 

Complete the Activate McAfee installation process. 

Download McAfee Antivirus From Official Site -

First download McAfee Antivirus From Official Site then For McAfee activation price is needed, Price if McAfee antivirus is quite at a higher range. But also, reasonable considering the protection point of view.

For single – 59.99 Euro

For family – 89.9 Euro\

A family pack is more beneficial in terms of facilities. As it provides the feature of multiple gadget connectivity. Up to 10 devices can connect to single McAfee antivirus software in the family pack. One can even share it with the trustable neighbors which makes it even more affordable.

How to Download & Activate McAfee Antivirus Manually?

Follow the Below given stepwise instruction to activate your McAfee antivirus. You can install antivirus while reading the instructions. It is pretty easy to install. ( Condition applied – if you follow the instructions properly).

  • Go to the best software shop & Get your McAfee retail card from the shop. 
  • The activation code is provided inside this card which is needed to activate the # McAfee antivirus.
  • Visit their official website – 
  • Select the country you are living in currently.
  • Further, add all the information like activation code, email address carefully & then, press the submit button.
  • Review the selected option then, install McAfee antivirus.
  • Your McAfee antivirus is activated.
activate mcafee setup mobile

Key Features of Antivirus

  • First and foremost it protects your gadget from any kind of ransomware & malware.
  • Secondly, it Supports any system whether android or IOS and personal computers or laptops & also even to mobile phones.
  • Provides web protection and personal VPN. Hence, keep your network out of the reach of strangers.
  • Moreover, it blocks all auto-played advertisements while opening applications. 
  • Up to 10 devices can be connected to this McAfee antivirus. Family pack provides the feature to connect up to 10 different devices.
  • Gives protection against dangerous links & files which could have viruses in them.
  • Moreover, it Could be installed in android, macOS, personal computer, IOS.
  • Speed up productivity. McAfee antivirus reduces the digital clutter & hence, the personal computer or the laptop to function faster. 
  • Manages the password. So, no need to save them. 

How to Setup the Mcafee Antivirus Activate Security on Your System?

Cybercrime is increasing day by day. Hackers have lots of tools to hack your accounts & can misuse your personal data. These tools help them to access your accounts and personal data. But, there are many tools also which can protect your gadgets from hackers & save you from cybercrime. One of the best tools is McAfee antivirus. Antivirus is a tool to protect your personal data from the hackers of cybercrime. Mcafee antivirus protects your laptop, pc, mac, or even mobile phones from viruses & spyware as well. Moreover, it can connect to 10 devices simultaneously. Hence, the family’s pack is more useful. 

  • Open system and preference security & privacy >> Click full disk access & then, press the lock key >> Add your login password carefully >> Unlock the mcafee antivirus >> Click ( +) sign.
  • Further, press cmd+shift+g simultaneously to open >> go to the folder option. 
  • There type – usr/local/McAfee & then, Click go. 
  • Then, visit fmp/bin & click fmpd. Check if the check-box in front of fmpd has the blue tick or not. If not, then click the check-box button. 
  • Repeat the same for all other three components of Activate McAfee.

All 4 components of McAfee should have a blue check tick.

The four components of McAfee antivirus are – 

  1. Vshieldscanner
  2. VshieldTaskManager
  3. Gentility
  4. Fmpd.

Setup - Install - Activate - McAfee Antivirus Protection

McAfee antivirus software is best to protect your gadgets from hackers as well as viruses. If anyone endeavors for the best defensive tool for gadgets should definitely consider McAfee antivirus.

Installation process of McAfee antivirus is quite easy. Just follow the above-mentioned instructions step-by-step. I’ve also explained how to activate the McAfee antivirus in the text. To learn how you can install McAfee antivirus in your macOS read the complete article carefully.

McAfee antivirus offers the password manager feature which allows you to be tension free from remembering them. This antivirus could be used in android, ios, macOS, or personal computers. The process to install the McAfee antivirus on personal computers & macOS is provided above. Follow the step-by-step instructions given & install & Activate McAfee antivirus software to get protected from Spyware & malware. 

Moreover, McAfee antivirus offers personal VPN & web protection to keep your network out of reach of strangers. In addition to that, it blocks the advertisement and unnecessary links & files. This amazing software provides parent lock also which helps to inculcate good habits in children & keep their gadget usage limited. 

The price of McAfee is quite at a higher level. But, considering all the features it comes with, the price is very reasonable. A family pack will be more beneficial to pick as one can connect up to 10 devices to it. So, after purchasing one pack every family member can use that. McAfee antivirus speeds up productivity. 

One should definitely use this tool to protect their devices as well as to enhance productivity.


If your McAfee software version is not identical to your retain box product then you have to remove the current software with the help of TS101331 instructions before you follow the CD version installation and follow the steps

  • First you need to create a McAfee account and then head for the software activation.
  • Open your McAfee software and then go to the settings icon
  • You can find the icon on the top right side of the screen
  • Go to the My info section, and choose my account
  • You will be then taken to the McAfee website
  • Once the account is created, you will have to verify the subscription so that all the McAfee features will get sync to your software.
  • Once the process finishes, your subscription and software gets synced

There is no hard and fast rule for activating McAfee antivirus plus with the product key that you have.

  • First, you need to visit the homepage and click on the register now for McAfee antivirus plus with product key.
  • Enter all your credential asked along with a password
  • Once the account is created, you will get a 25 digit code of activation which is also called the product key. You can redeem by visiting your account clicking on ‘redeem your Retail Card’
  • This process is just a few seconds. But make sure you put all your credentials like email id, name, and address properly to avoid any kind of confusion.
  • Once you create an account, you will be taken to a page where windows shall ask you for the 25 digit code. Well. That is the product key which is also called the activation key
  • Enter your product key code and then click on the tab’ Submit’.
  • Your product will then take not much time to activate but then you will also have to download the application
  • So use your mouse and go to my account section and choose the option of subscription
  • From there you will be able to down the new antivirus version that you just activated.
  • Once you download the antivirus software, it is time to install it further
  • During the installation process comes the activation part as well
  • For this, first, visit the site, create your McAfee account. But if you already have one the visit the Sign-in section.
  • Choose the hp-all in one computer  and the McAfee software
  • Once your software is chosen click on the installation section along with language and country
  • There will be a 25 digit product key that you need to use
  • Click on the activate button for executing the activation process
  • The serial number is the one that gets displayed whenever the new download is done. It is time-sensitive and that is why you have to pay extra attention. Otherwise, you will have to start over again from the scratch
  • Once you double click on the visible icon of McAfee, enter your login credentials
  • There will be a 25 digit McAfee activate product key.
  • Hit it along with filling the details like language and country and then activate it
  • This way you will be able to finish the whole process of activation and your device is ready to use its virus-scanning function.

Redeem McAfee Product Key or Activate your McAfee Security

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