How to Activate McAfee SiteAdvisor on Google Chrome?

How to Activate McAfee SiteAdvisor on Google Chrome?

McAfee site Advisor is one of the best companions that you can rely on to keep your all data safe against any threats that are likely to happen when you browse. With SiteAdvior, you would be able to protect your computer against phishing and malware attempts as you surf without any kind of impact that may happen to the browser while performing.  Being a first-time user, you may have some question with regards to activate mcafee siteavsior on Google chorme and that is why you are at the right page.

How do I setup and install McAfee SiteAdvisor?

There is not much of the problem that you must face when setting up and doing installation process of McAfee Siteadvsior. 

  • You first have to click on the free download
  • Then you need to select and save the location on your PC where you want your Siteadvsior set up file to be saved.
  • As per the web browser and the setting, you even have to clock a button to let the file get downloaded
  • Once the download finishes you have to then open the set up program
  • There will be some on screen instructions that you have to then follow so that the process of installation
  • Once the process is finished you then have to restart your browser. You might even be promoted for selecting the Secure Search of McAfee as your default search provider

Why is McAfee SiteAdvisor not working with Google?

Now there might not e just one problem but many. It could be the browser issue itself that you may have to reinstall it again. But if your browser is all updated and the Siteadvsior is also installed but it is not loaded then could be some disability appearing. This means, the plugins of the browser often time get disables when there is an update of the browser taking place.  It will not get enabled automatically as the browser restart. But you will have to follow steps given


  1. Step 1: You have to open your browser of Chrome.
  2. Step 2: Go in the stacked menu icon and choose it on the right side
  3. Step 3: under the settings section, go in the extensions
  4. Step 4: Choose the checkbox called Enable for McAfee SiteAdvisor

Does McAfee work on Chrome?

Since Chromebook is the top notch of the tablet computer that Google, HP and other offers, it uses an operating system which is Linuix based and which is called Chrome OS. It ahs been designed for connecting to the Internet. Due to this there are extensions and apps that run from the cloud or within the Chrome browser. As per the update of 2020, the VPN McAfee Safe Connect is the only source of McAfee application that works best on the devices of Chromebook. There are also other apps of McAfree such as True Key and Site Advisor but they don’t support Chromebook device or been the Chrome OS.

The or Chrome expestions like McAfdee safe connect can be installed for Android app or from the Google playstore as well. It comes with features that can be used on the choose. There is a trusted network that is given below the settings section. Usually, this feature turns off the VPN when it is connected to the network that you trust. But in case of the Safe connect that runs on the Chrome IOS, it is not available

How do I turn off McAfee SiteAdvisor on Google Chrome?

Keep in mind that McAfee SiteAdvisor supports windows 7,8 and also 10. In case your pc runs on Vista or Windows XP then you can install McAfee SiteAdvisor. You need to understand that it a standalone app. 

  • This is more like an integrated part that McAfee windows of the security product offers. There shall be certain steps that you need to follow for such installation. But if you want to go ahead and turn off the protection for some time then you simple have disable the bowser add. For this you done have to uninstall the program.
  • Once you click on the menu icon, there will be three dots that vertically gets stacked
  • In that section there is more tools where you must go in extension and then remove the check mark that you can see next to McAfee SiteAdvisor on Google Chrome

The process is not difficult. If you follow the instructions that pop in, you will have the smooth turn off process on the google chrome. It does not take much time and don’t even have to.

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